Happy Client Testimonials

See the highlights of clients’ happy moments with Intellemo, showing the immense value that Intellemo brings for you.

Abhiraj Bhal

Abhiraj, the Co-Founder of UrbanClap says that If you are a fast growing organisation that needs help with Online Marketing, then Intellemo will give you at least 10-20x return on any investment.

Varun Khaitan

Varun, the Co-Founder of UrbanClap says that if you are a young startup looking for predictable and high ROI growth, I would highly recommend working with Intellemo.

Manu Gupt

Manu, Vice-President of Growth Team at UrbanClap says that if you are a startup and want growth with an ROI and in a very agile way, he would strongly recommend Intellemo and it’s team to work with you.

Rahul Deorah

Rahul, Vice-President of the Marketing Team at UrbanClap says that the team at Intellemo did a fantastic job of understanding business issues and marrying them to goals and delivering targets that were given to them.

Holly Avila

Holly, the Marketing Director at CompliancePoint, says that she found Intellemo team to be very knowledgeable and they have added a great deal of value to some projects that we have done together.

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